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1121 Basmati Rice

1121 Basmati Rice

Indulge your senses with the finest quality 1121 Basmati Rice from Afic Group, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of rice exports. Sourced from the fertile fields, our 1121 Basmati Rice is known for its exceptional length, aromatic fragrance, and superior taste that elevates every dining experience.

Key Features:

  1. Extraordinary Length: Our 1121 Basmati Rice boasts an impressive grain length that adds elegance to your culinary creations. Each slender grain reflects the care and expertise invested in cultivating this premium variety.

  2. Aromatic Delight: Experience the enchanting aroma that wafts from every pot of cooked 1121 Basmati Rice. The enticing fragrance is a testament to its purity and freshness, making it a delight for true rice connoisseurs.

  3. Exceptional Quality: Afic Group takes pride in delivering rice of the highest quality. Our 1121 Basmati Rice undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best grains make their way to your table.

  4. Versatile Culinary Companion: Whether you're preparing biryanis, pilafs, or other rice-based dishes, our 1121 Basmati Rice is the perfect choice. Its unique texture and flavour profile enhance the overall dining experience.

  5. Ethically Sourced: At Afic Group, we prioritize ethical sourcing practices. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our rice is cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner, supporting local communities.

Cooking Instructions:

For perfect results, rinse the rice thoroughly and soak it for optimal fluffiness. Follow your favourite recipe, and let the aromatic essence of 1121 Basmati Rice elevate your dishes to new heights.

Choose Afic Group for an unparalleled culinary experience. Order our 1121 Basmati Rice today and savour the richness of tradition and quality.